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Part 3 – The Digital Threat & Cyber Warfare

The Digital Threat The frequency and sophistication of intrusions into government and civilian institutions has increased over the past ten years.(7) Everyday networks across the Internet are scanned and probed thousands of times.(8) Every year Verizon Wireless and the US … Continue reading

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Part 3 – Social Media

The utilization of mobile Internet devices, thanks to new application environments and mobile Internet browser technologies, has opened the door for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to change peoples lives. This combination serves the personal and professional needs on devices that are rarely … Continue reading

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Park 3 – Background, Smart Phones, and Tablets

  Background Since the Internet became popular in 1994 due to increased access and computing capabilities, the initial thoughts on its long-term contribution to society were vast and distinctly different. As computing power increased, data storage costs decreased, and high-speed … Continue reading

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Part 3 – Introduction and Specific Aims

If this is the information age, is our information sufficiently secure from theft and illicit use? Since 2005, hundreds of millions of digital records have been stolen in approximately 2500 reported data breaches.(1) If this is the Information Age, is … Continue reading

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Part 2 – Freedom of The Press

“This is the most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever covered.” (288) – David Sanger, Chief Washington Correspondent for New York Times “The greatest enemy of press freedom that we have encountered in at least a generation.” (289) – James Risen, … Continue reading

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Part 2 – What’s Next and The Battle of Ideas

“This is the most transparent administration in history” (286) -Barack Obama February 14, 2013 Information is power.  With non trivial changes over time in information communications technologies, we are at a point in history where private corporations know more about … Continue reading

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Part 2 – Conclusion

It is of paramount importance for the human race to understand the true nature of its technologies that come in the form of governance and rule of law.  The debate over decades regarding governmental regulation of the development of new … Continue reading

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