Part 1 – Conclusion & What’s Next?

Liberty is the souls right to breath. Technology innovations will always surpass the ability of governance systems to legislate against unintended consequences. When Governments do legislate, terrorism may sometimes be necessary, however a heavily restricted condition for capturing an expansive amount of information. In periods where no war or emergency exist, terrorism is not a sufficient condition for having this amount of data all of the time. It is unconstitutional and immoral for ongoing surveillance programs to exist of this nature within the United States or elsewhere for two reasons.

  1. A Government cannot guarantee today nor in the future a system like this and the information within it will not change its meaningful use.
  2. A Government cannot guarantee today nor in the future a system like this and the information within it is safe from theft and further illicit use.

When a politician or world leader can debate those two premises, then a program like ‘Prism’ may be open for consideration to be constant and ongoing, but in the absence of either one it is immoral and against all of humanity’s’ natural rights whether a U.S. Citizen or not. If government is supposed to be our protector, only the people can guard against the guardians by going straight at the heart of “Big Brother.”(257)

What’s Next?

“I want to make sure that everybody — Congress, opinion leaders, and our government officials — feel confident that the laws are being obeyed, that there is strong oversight, and that the American people don’t have a Big Brother who is snooping into their business. I’m confident of that, but I want to make sure that everybody is confident of that.”(258)

-Barack Obama, June 27, 2013

A wise man once told me that hope is not a strategy and thinking is not an action. While it is my hope that the U.S President and Congress will actually acknowledge and rectify the current programs to reflect the essence of the Constitution, I have no reason to believe the current Administration can or will do so. Thus, it is going to require the action of the people to demand change in whatever form they deem necessary, because everyone whether a U.S. citizen or not, deserve better from the United States. Those are changes in my opinion many people will believe in.

Next post: A New and More Secure Digital Age

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