Part 2 – Conclusion

It is of paramount importance for the human race to understand the true nature of its technologies that come in the form of governance and rule of law.  The debate over decades regarding governmental regulation of the development of new tools and technologies seems apt.  It is apparent to even the most casual of observers, that our governance and rule of law technologies need new innovative forms of regulation themselves by the people because they have degraded the public trust to an extent that only their own overhaul will begin to rebuild trust and confidence.

When the rule of law is designed to serve the lawyers rather than the people, a fundamental change needs to occur that is driven by the people and for the people in order to create a more perfect union.  The founding fathers of our country foresaw these challenges and they saw the opportunity to update what they knew about governance, based on what they experienced under the tyrannical rule of the British.  Today we must update the technology that is our Democracy to ensure today and in the future that the underlying principles of our system of governance endure.  No longer should the rule of law be usurped by the rule of lawyers and when the practice of law is socialized rather than medicine, only then will there be a concept of blind and accessible justice.
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