Part 3 – The Future of Change


In almost every conversation that I have had on technology and politics the topic of change and its’ fundamental nature was top of mind. In subsequent exchanges with Vint Cert, the creator of the Internet, we came to the conclusion that the communications revolution enables change and the adopters of the new technologies cause change to happen.(163) John Kotter from the Harvard Business School was gracious enough to talk to me about technology, politics, and change.(164) In his books “Leading Change”(165) and “A Sense of Urgency”(166) his eight steps to change are foundational elements to transformation, however the quantity and velocity of information that inundates the human race arguably increases the speed in which they experience the steps of change in my opinion. If the future of organizational management is about collaboration, as was strongly argued to be the case in Harvard Business Review (167) and many other periodicals, then I would argue John Kotter is to the Information Age, what Peter Drucker was to the Industrial Revolution.

“The communications revolution enables change and the adopters of the new technologies cause change to happen.”

– Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist @ Google

“The only way you get change is if the people demand it.” (168)

– Hank Paulson, Former Secretery of U.S. Treasury

With this increased velocity and quantity of communication, the fact that change is occurring might not be readily apparent to many people which could potentially cause what Alvin Toffler refers to as a “Future Shock”.(169) I would characterize a “Future Shock” as the equivalent of emotional and intellectual cardiac arrest due to the realization that the future is rapidly becoming the present.  In a post Snowden world, we thankfully  know more today about the true heart of Big Brother than ever before. While sufficiently scary on the surface, simple self awareness and cognition of the times we are in can significantly aid people and organizations in their strategies to forge ahead into the future with a strong and durable sense of purpose.

Next up: Economic Convergence

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