Part 3: Economic Convergence


Economies are essentially expressions of bundled technologies wrapped in policies, processes, and procedures.(170) In his latest book, “The Next Convergence”, the Nobel Prize winning economist Michael Spence strongly suggests that the integration of economies enabled by information technologies will be what unlock and remove obstacles to growth to mature and emerging markets.(171) He goes on to say that while access to information is not a substitute for education but the capacity to leverage expertise and information that was once out of grasp is remarkable.(172)

Throughout history increased adoption and complexity of technologies and tools have changed the course of humanity. The exponential increased innovation in digital technologically currently underway will take us collectively to social, civic, and economic places yet imagined, which is why now is the time to take action to secure our future today with new security technology that enables specific and enforceable digital privacy legislation to be created.

“We need new norms, rules, and regulations with respect to cyber security now because we are not secure.  This issue is just as important as climate change because it is global in nature.”

Hank Paulson – Previous Secretary of U.S. Treasury (173)

*Statements made on October 1st, 2014 at Harvard Kennedy Forum

Next up: Final Conclusion based on a summation of Part 1, 2, and 3 of this research blog.

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