Thoughts – Final Thoughts & What’s Next


A potential valid criticism of my research is that it has too much a positive bias towards information or bio-technological answers to human challenges. Some may even level that criticism on me personally because of my background in information and mobile technologies. Let me dispel this quickly by making two thoughts:

Thought #1:

It is my opinion technology, in of itself, should not be able to play God either in The Game of Humans and Gods

Thought #2:

Technologies that attempt to play God, by the definition and nature of technology, would not be truly serving a human purpose

Recently a group of some of the most prestigious interdisciplinary thinkers and scientists gathered together and created the Center For The Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge. The goal of this organization is to focus on the study of human extinction-level risks that may emerge from technological advances. In essence, the goal is to find a way to safely harness our rapidly-developing technological power. In my opinion, the most appropriate place to start would be to put technological and bio-technological ideas to the God test. This will be an exciting century of technological advancement but it shouldn’t come at the very high cost of human hope and faith.

What’s next?

Going forward on tactical basis I will be publishing additional examples of how the Religion of State Power (U.S. Government) continue to fight for its authoritarian legitimacy. The publishing frequency of these examples will probably be infrequent but with this being a contentious election cycle, you never know what will happen. These examples will look something like the following:

FOIA Request for 2015 FISC Court Activity Released

– In 2015 FISC Court denied zero NSA & FBI requests

– 1,457 total requests made and approved

– FBI issued 48,642 National Security Letters in 2015

– Surveillance requests require the help of Internet and Telco companies

Methods to Maintain Legitimacy:

1) Circumvention of Bill of Rights

2) Law enforcement supporting parallel paths of law

3) Private power & private power cooperation (Conscription of Private power)

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